PTS is orchestrated by a small and dedicated team, who enthusiastically coordinates our educational programs, for the purpose of learning the lessons of the physical and spiritual worlds, by studying the teachings of Soul Transcendence.

We take pride in the work that we do and enjoy caring for each student individually. We do our best to meet our students where they are on their journey so they receive the greatest value from participating in our programs.

Staff Values: Be Loving, Trust, Togetherness, Clear Communication, and Have Fun!

Meet the PTS Team:

Sherie Wylie Markova, DSS, Dean

Joanie Clingan, Ph.D., DSS, Dean of Transcendent Leadership Programs

Gaby Grigorescu, Director of Graduate Studies 

David Whitaker, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Maria Jose Maranon, Ph.D, DSS, Director of Education

Hugo Alvarado, Online Projects Manager

Alicia Landa, DSS, PTS Translator

Aspen Sullivan, DSS, Graduate Programs Communications Coordinator