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PTS Undergraduate Program Overview

Welcome to Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy (PTS), where your life becomes a spiritual adventure of awakening, awareness, and self-discovery. PTS serves students around the world. Our classes, workshops, and retreats are available in-person, online, hybrid, self-paced, and via correspondence for students ready to participate at any level of engagement. Our classes are designed to be experiential, and they range from introductory 90-minute classes to fully immersive retreats. The Undergraduate program serves the general public and Discourse Subscribers in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness Soul Awareness (MSIA) community.

"For those seeking Spirit, All knowledge is Accessible. In order to become available to the information awaiting you, you need to keep open the doors to your awareness.  The Peace Theological Seminary offers keys. If you wish access to eternal knowledge, you must put your mind, body, and most of all, your heart on the line. The next step is up to you."
-John-Roger, DSS 
Explore a diverse spectrum of subjects within the PTS Undergraduate Program, delve into practical spirituality, soul transcendence, peace awareness, the Sound Current, and more. Our classes offer a transformative journey, allowing you to forge a profound connection with the master spiritual essence within you. This inner guide nurtures your spiritual awareness and awakening. Whether your focus is meditation, cultivating a consciousness of service, or exploring spirituality's role in abundance and prosperity, our program offers a tailored path for you.

PTS is a global, world-class, theological seminary that delivers innovative, relevant, and delightful student experiences in Soul Transcendence using practical tools to learn the lessons of the physical and spiritual worlds. PTS is the educational arm of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. The only business of MSIA is Soul Transcendence, knowing yourself as One with God, knowing yourself as a Soul.