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Master of Spiritual Science Program (MSS)

MSS Program Overview

The Peace Theological Seminary's Masters program provides students with an ongoing, in-depth program to study, experience, and integrate the teachings of Soul Transcendence. The course work is designed to encourage students to apply the teachings as a conscious daily commitment. 

As they observe their progress, they can gain greater clarity of the presence of Spirit in their everyday lives. Their awareness of themselves as a Soul is increased, thus allowing them to live the essence of practical spirituality, which helps make the path of Soul Transcendence an active, alive, and joyful process. 

This is a two-year program, with students meeting one weekend a month for nine months for intensive course work. Homework between the weekend classes allows students ample opportunity to practice and integrate the tools and keys they learn in class.

Year One: Creating Through Grace

During Year One, "Creating Through Grace," students gain greater awareness of how they live their lives-physically, emotionally, and mentally-and of how they can bring these levels into greater alignment and cooperation with their spiritual intention. In doing this, students can increase their singleness of purpose so that, regardless of outer circumstances, they can experience God as their partner, and grace can be extended to them in greater ways.

Year Two: Fullfilling the Spiritual Promise

During Year Two, "Fulfilling the Spiritual Promise," students focus on aligning more with the Christ and awakening more to the promise that they were "Born the Lord."Exercises are designed to give students greater freedom in letting go of the past and rediscovering the innocence of living in the present. As the course develops, students move more fully into the Beloved, "Where the Soul replaces the personality as the center of consciousness and energy." The spiritual promise is then experienced as an ongoing, living reality that one chooses into each day.

MSS Year 3
Description - This is a 9-month optional course for graduates of the PTS Master of Spiritual Science Program.

Year Three: Living From The Inside Out

During Year Three, "Living From the Inside Out," the weekend class sessions provide the context for each individual to build on their current state of awareness and reveal to themselves areas that could use greater acceptance, understanding, cooperation, forgiveness, and responsibility. All of the information from the two years of the Master's Program is used in the course and made available to the student. By referencing all of the Master's Program, the student can put into practice those things that are the most impactful for them in the moment to initiate significant, profound and effective growth.The student has the opportunity to take the teachings to deeper levels of awareness, where simple changes can become valuable lessons for living an ordinary life.

Our 9 month Graduate Programs run from September - June. If you have questions about our next offerings or to be put in a contact list to receive information about next year's offerings click on the "Contact Us" Button.