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Leading a Life of Soul Transcendence

John-Roger defines soul transcendence as becoming aware of yourself and others as soul and as one with God. Each of us demonstrates who we are in the way we show up in the world—this is leadership.

Transcendent leadership is leading a life of soul transcendence.
  • being aware of the divinity in and around us
  • being attuned to the divine presence of that which is
  • living and leading our lives in alignment and harmony with deep spiritual awareness and attunement
You take it on like soul transcendence. 

The work of the MSS and DSS Programs in Transcendent Leadership at PTS primarily takes place in spirit. The leading focus is on attuning to spirit and living a life in harmony with soul transcendence. The TL programs also provides a space for reflective inquiry, an approach to spiritual study that connects the teachings of John-Roger and John Morton with other spiritual teachings and experiences. The coursework is designed to engage students in active learning, reflective inquiry, and the mastery of listening to the wisdom of our soul.

The two-year MSS Program in Transcendent Leadership takes place over two sixteen-week semesters each year, which are facilitated by graduate facilitators in collaboration with the TL Faculty.

The three-year DSS Program in Transcendent Leadership is curated by faculty members who have a dedicated spiritual practice through MSIA and who hold advanced degrees and have practiced in the fields of business, law, psychology, fine arts, literature, anthropology, and other areas.

Each program is offered in a format that combines personal inquiry and deep connection with a small cohort of peers for an opportunity to deepen personal awareness, attunement, and alignment with the divine presence and lead our lives with active awareness that, as French philosopher and mystic Teilhard de Chardin states, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

This is leading a life of soul transcendence. The TL programs are here to awaken and then deepen this transcendent leader consciousness in each of us and provide active and engaged peer support for expanding in this way of being. We invite you to dive deep into the field of learning and leadership for the soul’s transcendence.

We invite you to dive deep into the field of learning and leadership for the soul’s transcendence.