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Mystical Traveler Events on the Road

Part of the Traveler’s work is to teach you how to attune yourself to the Spiritual energy that is present. One way that is done is to present spiritual energy to you continuously. As you receive that spiritual energy, it awakens the spiritual energy in you. Then the changes happen from the inside out.

John-Roger, DSS

Join the Traveler for events around the world where we gather in fellowship and friendship. Students of the Traveler who choose to study on the path of soul transcendence, and work with the Mystical Traveler have an opportunity to be with a spiritual consciousness that exists throughout all levels of God’s creation.   

Imagine the possibilities available for expansion, learning, transformation, and upliftment when two or more of us are gathered together in the name of loving. When someone chooses to work consciously with the Mystical Traveler Consciousness there is much protection and grace extended. 

Picture what might be available to you as you open yourself to the energy field of the Traveler consciousness within you on this mystical adventure.