Being a Spiritual Scientist is a speaker series that celebrates graduates of the Doctorate of Spiritual Science (DSS) program, as they generously share profound insights, practical techniques, and an abundance of inspiration drawn from their practical treatises - a deep testament of the student's journey of transformation as a spiritual scientist. These graduates demonstrate, apply, and live their Individual Study of Soul Transcendence.

Delve into the power of intention, observation, objectivity, awareness and transformation. What if you could transform your life by taking microscopic steps? What would you be willing to change, give up, increase, to experience more of your true nature? How do you know your soul?

Bring an open mind. Bring an open heart. Bring a pen and some paper in case there are some awarenesses to capture and write down.

Come share with some old friends and meet some new ones at the Being a Spiritual Scientist online gathering.