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PTS Undergraduate Certificate Program

For those looking for an in-depth 12-month PTS experience, we are thrilled to introduce the PTS Undergraduate Certificate Program. In this program, you will be guided as you customize your curriculum in a self-selected area of focus. Prospective participants submit an application, detailing their intentions and goals. Accepted students are invited to a student orientation that serves as a prerequisite to starting the program. During this orientation, we will support you as you design your own curriculum in your chosen area of focus.

The 12-month undergraduate program includes the guidance of a PTS-approved facilitator and a community of fellow students. In addition to the orientation, you have the support of weekly Zoom check-ins and benefit from facilitator feedback on your written reflections. Upon successful completion of the 12-month program, you will be awarded a certificate in your selected area of focus.

The PTS Undergraduate Certificate Program is an excellent starting point for students who intend to apply for the Master of Spiritual Science (MSS) or the MSS in Transcendent Leadership. The undergraduate program provides an introduction to spiritual science, a cornerstone of PTS.

This short video touches to the intention of the program: