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Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy (PTS) was founded by Dr. John-Roger in 1977 for the purpose of Learning the Lessons of the Physical and Spiritual Worlds.

To fulfill this purpose, PTS offers a wide array of classes, workshops, and retreats; we  also offer Master and Doctorate level programs. All of our programs are designed to assist our students in learning and practicing Soul Transcendence, a process of becoming aware of ourselves as a Soul and as one with the Divine. By activating our awareness of the Soul, we are able to live from a higher perspective and lift past the negativity and attachments of the world, moving into greater loving and compassion.

PTS courses follow the principle spiritual science, which involves observing what is happening both inside and outside ourselves, as well as in our interactions between ourselves and others. We can then use the awareness we gained to design protocols and methods to experience greater loving, peace and grace in our personal and work relationships. The quality that is foundational in our course design and our overall approach is “Loving”, which is a key quality of the Soul.

PTS provides a spiritual education to students in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) and to the general public, in order to enhance their awareness of Spirit, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, age, religion, nationality, or circumstance. PTS serves individuals and communities locally and globally. Our events are offered in various formats (in person, online, hybrid, self-pace, email, etc.) across the United States, Europe, Canada, South America, Australia, Africa and Asia. 

Our experience is that the practice of Soul Transcendence brings awareness of the Soul within oneself and others. Experiencing our true Self in our daily life, everyday encounters, relationships, work  and all the other expressions of our life, allows for true fulfillment on this and higher levels. The journey doesn’t end and there is always more to explore and learn.

PTS does not have a formal membership.  There are no formal rules for you to follow.  We offer many experiences to discover yourSelf, who you are, what your values are, as well as the intention and direction you choose for yourself. You are the designer, you are the participant, you are the beneficiary of your own awakening.  The door is always open.  If you are new to PTS, we welcome you and invite you to participate in your next level of learning and expansion by checking our amazing array of offerings.