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The Harmonic Self Program Overview

The quality of our vibration determines the quality of our life. In this 12-month Harmonic Selfclass we will be raising our vibration on multiple levels of consciousness to create a unified resonant field throughout our being.

We will be learning how we can consciously realign our vibrational frequency. Our words and actions coupled with intention and sound changes our resonance and consequently our experience of life. One of the most powerful ways to tune our energy fields to their “perfect” resonance is through chanting the sacred tones, listening, and spending time in silence. Apart from facilitating an effective energy realignment, this also allows us to open to inner guidance and access the ever-present joy, love and harmony that resonates in our heart and from there throughout all aspects of our lives.

Harmonizing our spiritual, mental, emotional and unconscious energy fields alters our physical energy field and the signal we send out to the world, and beyond. By breathing with our whole body and allowing the Light and sound to heal and transform us, we likewise change our energy field to vibrate at a higher rate. Using sound and music; vibration and resonance; rhythm, melody, and harmony; gives us a fresh context in which we can practice and live the teachings.

If you want the truth,

I’ll tell you the truth:
Listen to the secret sound,
the real sound,
which is inside you.
- Kabir

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