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Prana Student Residency Program

Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy (PTS) headquarters and administrative offices, which we call Prana, and also Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens (PAL&G), is located at 3500 West Adams Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. The property was purchased in 1974 and became the headquarters for MSIA and PTS, as well as home to many PTS and MSIA students over the years. It is named "Prana" which means "breath of life" in Sanskrit.

Prana was built between 1910 and 1913 for Secondo Guasti, a wealthy wine merchant, and was known as The Guasti Villa. Located on the grounds of Prana is a hand cut stone labyrinth (an exact replica of the one found at Chartres Cathedral in France), and a meditation garden. Both are open to the public to come and enjoy and attune to inner peace and relaxation. A beautiful Japanese-style tea house is planned for the future in the gardens.

The Seminary building is the physical center for all those studying the spiritual teachings of the Mystical Traveler. It is a physical-level anchoring point for the Light and love of the Traveler and is the place where the MSIA and PTS staff and the Prana residents work to provide a variety of services to the PTS and MSIA community. As such, this makes it an ideal setting for students of the Traveler to learn to serve and to live the teachings.

There will be a brand-new type of spiritual person coming into Prana who is going to have, in their own right, a clearer focus and a vision of where we're going, because we're raising the vibration of the seminary. - John-Roger, DSS

A few years ago on a PTS PAT IV journey, some of the participants were inside a beautiful temple in Egypt. The energy was very refined and pure. Someone asked J-R about the place, and he said that, in its time, it had been a focal point for pure energy to come on to the planet. Someone else asked if there was anywhere like that now. His answer was, "Yes, Prana." Later, J-R reaffirmed this and added, "the amount of spiritual Light at Prana is found in the intentions of the people living there."

This indicates some of the blessings that can come with living at Prana and gives an idea of how each individual can make a significant contribution to the spiritual focus and energy there. Living at Prana provides students with great support for focusing on Soul Transcendence, doing their spiritual exercises, and deepening their relationship with the Traveler and Spirit. Prana has often been called the "Home of the Traveler" because honoring that consciousness and finding it within oneself is so much a part of what goes on there.

Living at Prana provides students with the advantage of being part of a large support group of people who are all learning and growing together, while holding a loving focus and an intention toward Soul Transcendence. Spiritual growth and upliftment are natural and inevitable consequences for those aligned in this way. At Prana, the spiritual energy is intensified by design, and by intention, and students have often remarked on how quickly they are able to go through and process things there. The focus and commitment of the students living at Prana provide continual support and encouragement to live the teachings day to day, moment to moment.

"The purpose of living at Prana is going home with the Traveler; studying the teachings and, even more important, living the teachings; and to serve, more than at other places."
– John-Roger